Sunday, January 13, 2013


I decided that Wednesdays would be put aside as my art day otherwise other things that take up our everyday lives would take over.

Hubby Alan has a friend Pete who pops round to see him, have a cuppa and put the world to rights like men do. On one of these visits before Christmas Pete noticed a sea scape I had painted a while ago and mentioned that he would love to paint one in oils but had no idea where to start. Having not been able to paint myself over two years after a long illness I elected to show him some of the techniques that I have picked up over the years and elected Wednesdays would be a good day for both of us and would also help me get back into the swing of things, so we started 3wks before Christmas.

We sit side by side, I take Pete through one stage at a time, I do it then he has a go on a board or canvas of his own. Of course we have breaks and lunch and resume in the afternoons with more vigour if things are going well.

Our first session was a great success where we both produced a finished sea scape on canvas board which we were both proud of.  Pete was so excited to take home a finished painting.

This is my finished painting

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