Thursday, January 17, 2013


Pete and I decided we both need more practice with trees. As we weren't happy with our fir trees in the previous painting this time we’d have a go at deciduous trees. I used black and white gesso on my canvas board and created a forest with bushes and a path to show Pete how you can plan a painting before hand and still use oil on top to complete the painting. Next time I’ll take a photo to show you but I didn't know then I was going to start a blog.

We had a really good day and extremely happy with our finished work. There is room for improvement for both of us but it was a start. As I’d already painted on my board I got Pete to paint his whole board with black gesso. We then applied a dark blue colour then put in our light source with white on top of the blue. The light showed up a lot lighter on mine than Pete’s as it was lighter there before I applied the blue. We kept the tree foliage to a minimum to enable the light to show through. I’m happy to say someone fell in love with mine and bought it. Pete’s is equally as good in fact I liked his tree foliage better than mine, which happens. 

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