Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh no! Snow!!!

After the alarm went off for an early start, which is unusual in our house these days, one eye opened to turn the alarm off then turned to look out of the window. Oh no! What a turn up this is, mother nature it seems has decided to put the mockers on our day, we're supposed to be going to Sandown Park craft show by coach all arranged by the little club where we live. The weather was forecast by those lovely people on TV who try to keep us informed but as usual you never believe them having been wrong before.

Dilemma what to do. All the usual thoughts go through my head, it might be ok on the main road, it might be ok away from here, all the usual thoughts of trying to make it work. Best foot forward, sandwiches all done last night and all the other goodies one takes on a day out.

Ah! turn on the TV see what it looks like else where. Looking for programs it says, programs not found try turning off and rebooting better still contact Sky. Nothing works. The trustee ole PC that should be ok. Yes there's the news, looks bad to me. I phoned the organizer of the trip she says the coach is on it's way. So we carry on, get ready and brave the weather.

Needless to say various others have heard all sorts on the TV and local radio about the usual mayhem snow has caused. After a 15 minute conversation including the coach driver who's taken an hour to get to us we all decide to cancel and go back in the warm. Very sensible.  We had really been looking forward to the show but after all, lives are worth more than the cost of the trip and there's always next time.

This is where we live and you can see the satellite dish covered in snow.
 TV works now after the boss went out with the broom.

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