Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!

What does Friday mean to you?

Many think of Friday being last day of a five-day working week, and viewed as a cause for celebration or relief.

For some it’s the end of a working week and look forward to a couple of days doing what they want without having to get up and answer to bosses.

Catching up with housework when work commitments take up precious time where these tasks could have been fulfilled during the week is the main aim of for some.

For those who have been able to have accomplished these tasks during the week, Friday indicates the end of the week and look forward to a relaxing weekend having fun with their loved ones or in general just chilling out as some say.

For others looking forward to weekend means they can fulfill their never-ending need or have to shop. Not just supermarkets, there are all those other types of shops where you can purchase anything you may need or don’t need in some cases.

For us, not a lot! By this time we have normally been anywhere we've needed to go, appointments and such. Our shopping is all done and looking forward to a couple of days when we don’t have to go out if we don’t want to.

In general we tend to leave the shops for others to invade who have no alternative than having to go shopping to stock up on provisions that have been used up from the previous nightmare. People who work mostly 9 to 5 are probably too tired to go after work although I believe many do. The supermarkets are usually very busy and clapping their hands watching all those eager folks willing or having to fill their shopping trolleys many to over flowing. The world over it seems to mean the same for many who have to prepare for the week after all work gets in the way of these every day necessities. 

In our area car parks are full to over flowing with endless rows of cars queuing to park. It seems that wherever you go, Shopping Centres, main towns or Retail Park there is chaos at the weekend. Getting there is part of the nightmare for us, and for many areas too where holiday periods only add to the rage of getting anywhere. Children of many ages being dragged along to help some say, but probably the reason being that they can’t be left home alone or that there is no one to look after them. Many parents have already spent quite of bit of their hard earned cash paying for childcare on weekdays and weekends are their time to be with the kiddies. Where I go you go seems to be the thing for some whether they like it or not. You can hear the wailing of younger ones who’d rather not be there for they have more important things to do other than accompany parents to the shops. Among what seems chaos there are “can I have” and “I want” type, where parents become frustrated with the never-ending demands of their youngsters.  Not for me, I’m happy to say. For us being retired, there really isn't any difference to week days. We can and do what we want when we want. Lovely!

Some call this fun.

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