Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Another day painting along with Pete where we've continued with our Roses, adding background and leaves. So far we are pleased with our results. I couldn't add my leaves as the under paint kept lifting off. I have marked where my stems are going to be ready to start leaves when it has dried again, where as we managed to paint the leaves on Pete’s. The roses are starting to show their full glory now although we still have some work to do in that area.  They are growing. Hopefully we shall finish them next week.

Meantime my pet portrait is also coming along and at the second stage of drying.

This evening I’m off to a line dance session at our little club. This will be my forth week. Line dancing as well as sequence dancing! You may be thinking I've taken this exercise lark a bit over board but there is a reason for my madness. I was told that with most types of dancing, the steps are the same but in a different order and that if I tried line dancing I would only have myself to think about as apposed to having a partner, which would give me more confidence.  I did think it would be too fast for me but like everything that goes on at our club you do as much as you want to do. My first week I was amazed to find by watching others line dance that you put as much effort into it that you feel you can cope with. Yes, it’s becoming easier for me each week and I find I’m looking forward to going. I also found I am becoming more confident when we go on Tuesday to our sequence dance club. Now which shoes shall I wear? 

See you next time,

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