Saturday, January 19, 2013


After the disappointment yesterday of not being able to go to the craft show, all because of the dreaded snow, I stayed in the warm, in my little room where I have my PCs and where I accomplish the many paintings seen on my web site and ‘Facebook’. Glancing out of the window a few times, looking up at the sky to see how much more was going to come down to join the pile already quite deep outside in the garden. I wanted to take photos to post on my ‘Facebook’ profile, I did feel a little sorry that we hadn't made it to the craft show and so I decided to put some music on to console myself whilst I was playing, which is what my other half calls it.

I played the first CD; ‘IL Divo’, whilst I was looking at the others and decided on ‘G4’, (the ladies will know who they are fellas) I started to think about childhood days when it snowed with snow ball fights, sledging with black bin bags to sit on, anything would do so long as we slid down the hills. Snowmen competitions with rival gangs but we still went to school no matter what the weather. School Closed! ! ! Unheard of, they never closed back then. Anyway we had to make our ice slide in the playground, that had to be done it was all part of the fun. Is it my age I wonder, the disappointment of a cancelled trip, or is the snow different these days? It certainly isn't deeper, I don’t think so anyway, perhaps it was my little short legs in those days, the snow sometimes coming over the top of my ‘wellies’ and getting my woolly socks wet.

I wasn't really concentrating on what I was doing as my mind wondered on to how my taste in music has changed over the years. As a child we heard nursery rhymes Jack and Jill and others. The little ditties we learnt at pre-school, itsy bitsy spider; I’m a little teapot; etc., all passed on to our children and grandchildren. They are never out of date like the music we loved as a teenager, you know, the stuff granddad called hurdy-gurdy rubbish. All those I loved; The Beatles, Elvis, and Cliff Richards who then took me to my early years of marriage when Abba and Barry Manilow came on the scene. I never did like the rowdy stuff the Stones produced and others like them. Here I am playing what others call mushy stuff. 
Life eh!
Perhaps you may know or remember some of these from your own childhood:

A Wise Old Owl
Big Ship Sails on the Ally-Ally-oh
Doctor Foster
Aiken Drum 
Christmas is Coming
For Want of a Nail
For Anna's Baby I painted some time ago
An Apple a Day
Cry Baby Buntin
Georgie Porgie
As I was Going to St. Ives
Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Goosey Goosey Gander
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Ding Dong Bell
Grand Old Duke of York
Hark hark the Dogs do Bark
Here is the Church
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hickory Dickory Dock
Horsey Horsey 
Hot Cross Buns
Humpty Dumpty
Hush-a-bye Baby
Jack and Jill went up the Hill

And many more, so many to remember!

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