Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yes! Finished! It’s been quite a learning curve trying out different techniques and using various mediums.  I’m pleased with the end product. I've learnt what not to do again as artists among you will appreciate what I’m saying. It just shows what you can do when you try. I hear people say I couldn't do that if I tried, having tried I can look them in the eye and say “you never know what you can do until you try

Will I paint roses again? Yes; I've painted them before but not using these techniques. Some are better than others, that’s how it goes for me, which is part of the fun and learning process. If I found them easier to paint would I enjoy it so much, would I take pleasure in seeing what I had produced with as much pride with the thought “ I've done that” if it was effortless? I don’t think so, as with many things in life, if it was so easy and everyone could do it what would be the point in trying. 

See you soon.

Roses from previous attempts.

Friday, February 1, 2013


What do you think of Bikers? Think again.

People who see many of them with long hair in their leathers or covered in tattoos either on the road or in a public place automatically think that they are trash or some such thing. Seeing them on mass is even worse and they are given a wide berth because one assumes there is going to be trouble. Where does this impression come from I wonder? It seems that many people shy away from anyone who looks or acts differently other from what we ourselves call the norm. When you see them out riding on mass it is assumed they are on their way to start a war somewhere. They are feared because it is probably easier than getting to know them. Do you know a doctor or nurse or someone else who is a professional who owns a motorbike? Would you think the same of them?

Many establishments will not allow them on their premises or even serve them. Disgusting! Why are they so different from anyone else?

Bikers are not gangs of thugs, many of them do not have tattoos or long hair, they are people like you and me who work for a living and have families too. They belong to clubs and such like many other types of clubs that are available to us. They are just people who love to ride like many others who covert their car. Many of them spend hours like you with your car, making improvements or even building from scratch and help each other in doing so.

People do not realise the good that the majority bike riders do. All over the world they work hard to raise a lot of money for charity and other organisations, probably much more than you or I have ever donated in our lifetime. In America, even at cost to themselves, they line routes of funerals for soldiers and others not only to show respect but to block campaigners and such, which enables the family to mourn in peace.  When you see that gang out riding in mass they are probably on a rally to raise even more money, on their way to do good or meet up to discuss how they can raise the cash to help even one of you.

Seeing bikers having a good time somewhere, they are just causing a lot of noise and trouble, are they? Mostly they are there for another reason to do with raising that hard-earned cash.

Hairy Bikers, well known to many, go all over the world, finding a creating recipes, they are well thought of because they are celebrities.

When you see them having a good time somewhere, join in find out how you can help, even dip your hand in your pocket. When you see a local bike show, go along pay your entrance fee, which I might add is raising money, have a chat get to know them, after all they are just someone’s Son, Husband or father and Wife, Daughter or Mum trying to do good and have fun in the process of doing so. 

You may ask what on earth has sparked this off today? Yep Face book again. I am not a biker, my son is. Some poor guy has had his bike stolen. Immediately I thought of the hours he has spent to bring his prized motorbike up to spec, what it has cost and it’s worth being one of a kind. Hopefully this may help.