Monday, January 14, 2013


Another job for later.

Here we are again week 2 with Pete painting along. Having had such a great response from my Facebook friends and selling my last painting I was eager to get started.

Pete decided he’d like to paint something with a mountain and water so we looked at a couple of pictures Bob Ross has done and chosen the colour from one but the scene idea off another.

Mountains are not one of my strong points and Pete’s not done them at all so we kept it as simple as possible. Perhaps we will progress to more dramatic mountains another time. With me also trying to get back to swing of things I thought snow would be easier.

We used a canvas this time with warming colours as it’s snow too we thought it would add warmth to the picture. Neither of us are happy with our clouds but with oils being such a forgiving medium we can rectify them at a later date. I'm not happy with my trees at the front either and obviously need more practice. Another job for later. We both thought our mountains turned out quite well, hillier which is good and the composition worked quite well. 

My painting so far

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