Monday, January 21, 2013

More Snow

Thoughts of the day.

It’s Monday and the snow as you know is still causing havoc for many people. Those who work are doing their best to work so that they can earn their daily crust whilst others are not trying as the situation where they are makes it impossible. Hundreds of schools closed, many teachers can’t get there, whilst on the BBC News it was said schools were afraid that our little darlings may get hurt from slipping etc and then being sued. Parents who could have got to work have to stay home whilst others manage childcare via other alternatives.  I applaud the Head Teacher of a school in Durham who said “ they've played in the snow all weekend, Monday is a school day and the children should be here to learn” they are open as usual. Good for him! Many areas have had even worse conditions, allowances have to made in their situation.

Airports are having nightmares with so many flights being cancelled or rescheduled and all those passengers to look after who have been stranded and many since Friday. I’m so glad I decided to stay home! Not that I would be flying anywhere.

Whilst here at home the snow has thawed in many area’s of the garden but there’s still a lot around the estate that is still piled up everywhere still making getting about difficult. I think I’ll stay here in the warm and chat to you instead.

I have poked my head out of windows and taken photographs that I thought might be handy reference at some point when I’m painting. How trees sag with the extra weight and lays on branches and bare bushes. As an artist I do find I look at things differently to a lot of people. Having had cataracts removed a few years ago I became fascinated with colours, they were so defined as from before. Everywhere I go I’m amazed at how beautiful Mother Nature is. You could say it certainly opened my eyes.

Hope you enjoy the photos,
See you soon.

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