Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Do you want to dance?
Why don’t you?

Exercise is good for you so they say; I for one have always shied away from it as much as possible, more so as I've grown older. Why you may ask? Like many others I have used various excuses, work, too busy, I get out of puff too much, excuses pile up when you think of them all.

The decision came for me to start dance sessions where we live, sequence dancing, after being ill for 2 yrs and not being able to do much at all. I missed a lot of things, even going to the supermarket was a task in itself as I couldn't make it all around the store. I then realised I was having more good days than bad and in order for me to move on I decided it was time I became more active and dancing sounded more fun than just walking which we do when the weather is fine. During winter months it is more difficult because of the weather. Our club sounded a good idea, not far to go, and easy to get home in all weathers.

Tuesday afternoon is dance day for us.. We don’t have far to go about 10 yds to our little clubhouse on site where we live. It’s really known by all who live here as 'The Pavilion'. It’s an opportunity to meet a few others in the same frame of mind, to exercise, have a cup of tea and biscuit, also have a good natter to catch up with news; what’s happening, where and to whom within our little area.  Apparently there are quite a few dances around our area, therefore some of the dancers use our session as an opportunity to practice, some used to live here but still come along and others are friends of someone who lives here. There are some who don’t dance at all but come along anyway rather than be home on they’re own, it gets them out of the house and of course the exercise walking to get there.

We've lived here for over 30 yrs now, when we worked we had other things to do and didn't have time to go along to join the fun. We've been going a few weeks now since before Christmas last year and are now starting to remember some of the sequences. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t to things by halves, if I’m going to do it I want to do it right. I find  u tube video’s that show some of the dances and sit here moving my feet to try and follow the moves. More exercise.

The first few weeks the sequences all merged into one in my brain but as weeks pass I am remembering more of them. I still get muddled up and do it wrong but it’s fun of trying to get to the end and have done at least one sequence right. No one watches you or cares if you do it wrong, are very helpful showing you the steps. We do have a couple of ladies who run the dance club, as we call it, who also teach you and are very patient.

Hubby used to do ballroom dancing in his younger days but this is different, it helps me knowing he’s not done this before and learning also. I wore my shoes I normally wear if I go out anywhere nice but found I couldn't glide as they call it  because my shoes being rubber kept squeaking on the floor and I lost my shoe a couple of times. Those who do dance said I needed leather soles to dance. As I enjoy dancing I have invested in some practice shoes for now. When we feel able to go to an actual dance I will buy appropriate dance shoes.  I can’t wait!

I hear many people say it’s not my thing, I can’t do this or that, and I've never been any good at this or that. Are you saying those things too? I believe anyone can do anything they want to do. You have to try and get out of it what you find pleasure in. After all you never know until you try.

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