Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've been asked how my roses are coming along so today I thought I’d fill you in on progress so far.

It’s Wednesday again and as I've said previously it’s my painting day. We did paint last week (these roses) but only got as far as the base colour in the flowers and some fiddling around.

Pete arrived with all his gear eager to continue with his, which are yellow. I’m beginning to wish I’d chosen yellow too as I've had success with them before. Red for me at the moment was not a good idea. Perhaps when I have finished I may change my mind. When we decided we’d had enough, I took photos of both paintings as we can see more easily how we are progressing and what needs altering. We discuss together what we like, where we are going to make changes next time and the reverse. My hubby says, “they’re coming”. As you can see there are changes that need to be made before I do the background. I’m sure some of you can see areas that are good, others not so good and what you would do. No, not put it in the bin. We will get there in the end. I hope. Perhaps we will try pansies or some other flower next time. It is surprising when you achieve a completed painting that you or others give positive feed back how you change your mind.

I've scrubbed the brush around with a tiny bit of green (which will cover) to get an idea of how I’m going to do the background, also because I’m getting a little impatient.

There are some people who have no trouble at all painting flowers and some make a good living from them. My purpose is to enjoy what I’m doing; I think the fun is striving for perfection otherwise what’s the point. I’m sure some would say you do it like this or that, but I've found it’s not easy to paint the same way someone else has found successful. You can learn yes, but at the end of the day you have to find your way of doing things like everything else we do, cleaning or washing up, we are all different in what ever we do. 

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