Friday, January 18, 2013


Stage 1

Having decided to paint roses my way after the last session proved unsuccessful by trying other people’s techniques; I've prepared a new canvas board painted over with a cream acrylic paint which is from one of the bottled acrylic paints used for ceramics and other types of projects on wood etc. Not being able to draw I found some photographs I’d taken of our roses over the years then copied them onto the canvas using pencil. I’m hopeless at arranging flowers too so it’s quite a task to get the layout to look right.  I've shaded in the darker areas of the flowers using black gesso and dabbed some green and blue bottled acrylic over the background using a sponge. I’m hoping that this will give a background effect of leaves and sky after I've gone over it with oil paint.  It looks a mess I know, they look like roses, but as I've said before oil paint is forgiving. We shall see!

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